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Yoga VCD for Pranayama

Yoga VCD for Pranayama(English)
Yoga  VCD for Pranayama(English)
Cast: Aditi Govitrikar, Yogacharya Avneesh Tiwari, Mukul Dev
Description : Stress and pressure are proving to be lethal factors leading to several life-threatening diseases. Further, air pollution, noise pollution, overcrowding, lack of physical activity and unhealthy food habits are adding to woes of the populace. Medical science has several medicinal solutions for these ailments, but unfortunately most of these are temporary solutions. The remedy lies in one of the most potent weapons that ancient Indian culture and Yoga has given us, Pranayama. It is not just the most effective way to cure one of these disorders, but also the best way to lead a more content, positive and a healthy life.
Esteemed Yogacharya Avneesh Tiwari, with his 30 years of experience in Yoga and his research on its benefits, demonstrates the various Pranayam techniques and tells us about its benefits in this highly beneficial video.
Price : US$ 16.27(For World Wide Delivery) (inclusive of shipping charges)
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