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Yoga VCD for Kids Complete Fitness

Yoga VCD for Kids Complete Fitness (English)
Yoga  VCD for Kids  Complete Fitness (English)
Description : Physical exercise and activity is very important for everybody, especially for kids. Yoga is the best way to keep your kids fit and healthy. Kids feel much more energetic and much nicer about themselves with the regular practice of Yoga. Yoga is the right kind of foundation for kids and gives them a healthier today and a healthier tomorrow.
Yoga is the best way to ensure that your kid has a rapid and a healthy growth. Yogacharya Avneesh Tiwari has been practicing Yoga and conducting research on its benefits for the past 30 years. This video features a specially designed Yoga regimen by Yogacharya Tiwari, which ensures Complete Fitness for kids. So, bring yoga into your kid`s lives and let them smile their way thru life completely fit and healthy!
Price : US$ 16.27(For World Wide Delivery) (inclusive of shipping charges)
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